[CEATEC 2014] When it comes to parking your vehicle, most of us have got the formula down pat – be it reverse parking or parallel parking, it has all been boiled down to a single formula. Having said that, this does not mean that one will be able to eliminate all possible blind spots regardless of how careful one can be. There might be a pet or even more tragic, a child hiding behind the car. This is why vehicles have started to be equipped with reverse sensors that work in tandem with reverse cameras for you to make sure you do not back up into the wrong object. Sharp has come up with something better – the 360 View camera, and as its name suggests, it will be able to see every single bit around your ride.


Just how is this made possible? A smart algorithm that will stitch together images from all four fish eye cameras – where two of them happen to be located in the front and back bumpers, respectively, and the other two are attached to the side mirrors, all of them pointing at a downwards angle. In the demonstration on the CEATEC 2014 showfloor, there were various objects littered on all sides of the vehicle, and the vehicle itself was rotating on top of a pedestal, and yet all four cameras managed to pick up the items on the ground in a seamless manner. Definitely worth installing in all cars, although the side mirrors might lose some of their design luster unless Sharp improves on the miniaturization process.


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