us-theaters-google-glassIt was just yesterday when we brought you word on how the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) as well as the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) has decided to advise movie theaters to utilize a zero tolerance approach when it comes to wearing various “intelligent” devices to the cinemas. In other words, all wearable technology with video recording capabilities oughto to be banned. Does this include the budding segment of devices known as smartwatches? It really depends on the individual theater operator, really.

These are all just best practices guidelines, and theater operators do have the amont of freedom to actually embrace or ignore this particular piece of advise. Apart from that, it must be stressed that smartphones ought to be “turned off and put away at show time.” I am not quite sure just how they are going to go about enforcing this particular piece of advise, and neither did either association mention Google Glass specifically, and neither were there mentions of any other wearable device named in the policy update.

It all really depends on the good conscience of the wearer of the piece of wearable technology, and if people are aware that such a rule or recommendation is in place, I am quite sure that it will become a habit – not just in this generation, but in future generations to come, too.

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