snapchat-150m-photosWe suppose one of the appeals of Snapchat is its ability for users to send each other photos and have them self-destruct at a set time later on. This means that photos of the sensitive nature can be sent without worrying about it being saved and published online in the event of a leak. At least that was the idea.

However according to a recent report from Business Insider, it seems that the folks at the 4chan forums are claiming to have hacked a service/app where Snapchat photos are allegedly saved, thus gaining access to them and could potentially publish them online for all to share, some of which might contain photos of people in the nude.

Now according to Snapchat, they claim that their servers were never breached and that they weren’t the source of these leaks. Instead they point their fingers at third-party apps and services which might be to blame. According to Business Insider, they claim that their source informed them that the service in question could be, which has since been taken down and now redirects to a Danish e-commerce website.

Posts on 4chan also seem to confirm that the snaps saved have been saved with SnapSaved, which is not to be confused with the Snapsave app which their representative told the folks at Engadget that they have nothing to do with it. In any case it seems that none of the photos have been published yet, thankfully.

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