xiaomi-note-4gWhen it comes to the number of smartphone brands that are in the market, there are the traditional heavyweights such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Apple, BlackBerry and HTC, although you can be sure that nothing ever remains the same, with some of these companies struggling for “corporate form”, so to speak, while others continue to milk a winning formula. However, there are always upstarts in any industry, and the smartphone market is no different. Many companies from China are already starting to sell their wares – and excel while they are at it, with Xiaomi being one of them.

Xiaomi too, has its rivals like Oppo who has recently gained the mantle of having the world’s slimmest smartphone at 4.85mm of thickness, but it seems that Xiaomi, a smartphone and tablet manufacturer, might actually be the third biggest smartphone manufacturer at this point in time.

Strategy Analytics are the ones behind this assumption, citing that the China-based company right now trails only Samsung and Apple. After all, it has seen its shipments tripled in the space of just one year, which makes it now up to 18 million in the third quarter of this year alone, while doubling the amount of its smartphone share.

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