XiaoMi-TabletWe did talk about how XiaoMi is all set to unveil a spanking new ZiMi tablet to China at the very least, where this particular device is also known as the Purple Rice tablet, this September 5th alongside the XiaoMi Mi3 smartphone. Well, the Economic Daily News (EDN) does seem to have additional word concerning XiaoMi’s new 7-inch tablet, where it might come with the official English moniker of the XiaoMi Mi-Pad or XiaoMi Mi-Tab.

Foxconn would be the hardware manufacturer for this particular XiaoMi tablet, and this bit of news certainly does not come about as a surprise, especially when you consider how XiaoMi’s smartphones are also manufactured by the very same people over at Foxconn. MediaTek would be the ones to supply its processor to the XiaoMi tablet, and chances are when we pry open the hood, we would find the MediaTek MT6589 quad-core processor there. Not only that, word has it that their new Vice President of XiaoMi Global, Hugo Barra, will also appear at the XiaoMi 2013 launch event in Beijing, China. Do you think that Hugo Barra will be able to refine the XiaoMi range of devices and make the brand a truly international one that exudes a vote of confidence among consumers?

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