We reported yesterday that while Google was initially going to release Android 5.0 for existing Nexus devices earlier this week, it had pushed back the release. The reason was not known at that point in time but its possible that a Wi-Fi bug in the developer preview might be to blame. This bug could have caused Google to push back the release so that the team could patch it.

Its was a good move in a way. Had the software been released without the bug having been discovered then Google would have received a lot of criticism for pushing out an update with a major bug. The iOS 8.0.1 release by Apple is a perfect example of how these things blow up in online media.

The bug caused Nexus devices to wake up frequently when Wi-Fi was connected. This increased battery use under “Miscellaneous” with drain rate being as high as 60-70%.

Fortunately Google did confirm earlier today that it was working on a fix. It did not say when the bug will be fixed and when Android 5.0 Lollipop will finally be released for Nexus devices. A quick check of the Google Issue Tracker now reveals that the bug has been fixed, so that was swiftly done by Google, and now the waiting begins for the release.

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