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It didn’t take long for social media to become abuzz with complaints from users who saw cell reception on their devices being killed after they updated software to iOS 8.0.1. It was over a month ago when Apple released the incremental iOS 8.0.1 update and yet it had to be pulled shortly after because of all the bugs that had come out in the public. An Apple executive has now shed some light on what exactly happens while defending the company against questions that stem from public criticism over its apparent lack of quality control.

Majority of the complaints were about the cell reception being killed after updating to iOS 8.0.1. Some also found that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor stopped working after this update was installed.

Speaking at Re/code’s Code/Mobile conference Apple product marketing executive Greg Joswiak revealed that there wasn’t anything wrong with the update itself, instead the bugs were caused by the way in which the update was “wrapped.” Basically the issue stemmed from the way through which iOS 8.0.1 was being sent across servers.

Apple’s quality control procedures came into question when it pushed out a buggy Apple Maps and many asked the same question again once iOS 8.0.1 was pulled back. But Joswiak defended Apple, saying that mistakes can happen when you’re trying to push software and that it is always the company’s aim to rectify any issues arising thereof swiftly.

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