eastty-linkedinThere are many different aspects of a phone to get excited over. It could be a new processor that is more energy efficient, thus increasing the battery life of the phone. It could be the display with its vivid colors and sharpness. It could be its camera with features such as OIS and good low-light performance, but what about sound? Now we’ve seen companies such as HTC try to promote sound quality through its BoomSound speakers, but what about Apple?

Well according to reports, it has been observed that audio expert Peter Eastty of Oxford Digital Limited has been hired by Apple where he will be working as the Director of SoC Audio Processing at the Cupertino company. What does this mean for Apple and its future products? Well it could mean that we could be looking better quality audio.

This isn’t the first time Apple has hired a sound expert. Previously Apple had hired THX pioneer Tomlinson Holman to help provide them with technical direction for the company with regards to audio, so with Eastty’s hire, it looks like Apple could be starting to look more seriously at improving the audio quality in its products.

Eastty has had a career in digital audio that spans more than 40 years. He oversaw the digital audio team at Solid State Logic, he was also Sony’s chief consultant engineer for 13 years, and spent 8 years as the CTO at Oxford Digital. Most of his work has entailed digital audio and digital signal processing for audio equipment, so like we said, it will be interesting to see how Apple will put Eastty’s talents to use.

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