screen-shot-2014-11-09-at-5-57-39-pmIt was just earlier year that there were complaints about iMessage in which users reported that despite them switching to a different platform, such as Android, they were still unable to receive their messages, so much so that a lawsuit was actually filed against Apple over that particular issue.

Basically for those unfamiliar, iMessage is Apple’s instant messenger solution. It is able to detect when the other user is an iOS user, in which the message sent from from an iOS device to another iOS device will be sent as an iMessage as opposed to a regular SMS. Well the good news is that Apple has since published a tool on its website in which it allows users to deregister their number to remove it from iMessage.

This will come in handy for those who might have given away or sold their iOS device and are unable to deactivate iMessage manually. The earlier problem was that users claimed that they were unable to receive their text messages after having swapped to a different platform. Apparently the messages were stuck in Apple’s servers as it thought that it was an iMessage, as opposed to a regular text message.

So if you have switched out to an Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry device and you want to make absolutely sure that you are still able to receive your text messages, then head on over to Apple’s website to check out the tool.

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