Asus-ZenFone-6We know that Intel has interest in entering the mobile space and we have seen companies such as ASUS launch Intel-based Android smartphones in the past. Well the good news is that if you are looking forward to more Intel phones from ASUS, you’re in luck because ASUS’ CEO Jerry Shen has recently disclosed that the company will be debut more Intel-based smartphones in 2015.


The company expects to unveil more Intel-based smartphones at CES 2015 which is kicking off in January next year. It seems that all of ASUS’ smartphones for CES will be Intel-based, so it will be interesting to see what kind of hardware ASUS will be packing under the hood and if it will be just as powerful and attractive as their ARM-based offerings which are typically based on Qualcomm’s chipsets.

That being said, ASUS will not be abandoning ARM technology entirely. While their CES lineup will focus on Intel-based mobile devices, Shen also mentioned that the company has plans for non-Intel smartphones and that these devices will be launched in the Chinese market via China carriers such as China Mobile and China Telecom, followed by other global markets.

Shen revealed that all of ASUS’ Intel phones will have LTE connectivity and will be sold around the $300 mark, making them a lot more affordable than most flagship phones these days that run around the $600 mark. In any case if you’re interested in seeing more Intel phones, be sure to check back with us during CES 2015 for the details.

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