htc-desire-eye-hands-on-10If you so happen to be someone who lives in Canada and are rocking to a HTC One (M8) and are a subscriber of Rogers, Telus or Bell over in the Great White North, then you might be pleased as punch to hear about a tweet which has been sent out over the weekend by the HTC Vice President of Product Management, Mo Versi. In this particular tweet, it was revealed that the anticipated Eye Experience update will begin to make its way out to the above mentioned carriers, and with such an update, do expect to see a range of new features that will make their way to the rear camera of the flagship smartphone.

For instance, there will be Face Tracking that enables the front-facing camera on the HTC One (M8) to be able to lock in on your face, and at the same time, ensure that it remains in focus regardless of how much you move around. Selfie lovers will definitely fall in love with the Auto Selfie feature that shoots a photo whenever it detects a smile, or if you say a preset word – like “cheese”, for example. Video selfies can start recording whenever one mentions the word “capture”, while Split Capture will use both cameras to record simultaneously.

This particular update is making its way around via Over The Air, so it would be best to remain hooked up to a decent Wi-Fi network so that you can save on your precious data, and do ensure that your smartphone remains well juiced up, too.

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