Earlier this year Microsoft showed off Cortana, an interactive virtual private assistant for Windows Phone. It has now made its way to countless WP devices through software update, and will soon make a debut on the PC with Windows 10. What’s next for Cortana? There has been speculation that Microsoft is open to taking it cross-platform. A new report suggests that this really might happen at some point in the future.


A report from Business Insider informs us about a intimate meeting that Microsoft held with a select group of analysts and journalists last week. At this meeting the company’s former head of Windows and current chief experience officer Julie Larson-Green was present and she spoke about Cortana and its various functions.

During the meeting she was asked if Microsoft has any plans of eventually opening up Cortana to additional operating systems. Julie Larson-Green reportedly replied “The short answer is, yeah” to that question.

The report doesn’t say if she went into detail how this will be done. It is unclear right now exactly how Cortana will be brought to other platforms and what its features are going to be on unfamiliar turf. With iOS and Android being the two most popular mobile platforms in the market, one can guess that they’ll be Cortana’s destination when Microsoft finally decides to let it leave the nest.

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