far-cry4We are all very flexible people – in fact, we love variety in life. After all, having the same, linear life can be very boring in the long run, although there are some personalities out there who absolutely love the predictability of things in life. Having said that, games have, for too long, followed a single track when it comes to the ending, where regardless of which particular route that you have taken, you would end up with the same ending. Not so with Far Cry 4, as we have learned that it will boast of a minimum of two alternate endings, and these alternate endings will be triggered by player actions during the prologue.

The very first alternate ending in Far Cry 4 was discovered quite some time ago, and if you happen to be around at the beginning of the game, it is all too easy to bring the entire story to a quick conclusion. Creative director Alex Hutchinson has hung a carrot in front of the proverbial stick for Far Cry 4 gamers, citing that there is also another alternate ending that can be accessed, or triggered, in a similar scene.

It remains to be seen whether this will lead one to an immediate ending, or if the actions will see a delayed ramification. What do you think?

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