dji-inspire-1Owning a drone can be quite a fun thing to do, especially when you bring it out with you to capture shots from different heights that you never thought were possible before. However, a line has to be drawn to separate the boys from the men, and this particular drone from DJI Technology certainly fits the bill perfectly. Known as the Inspire, it was launched earlier this morning with a rather hefty sticker price of $3,000, which would mean not everyone is able to afford one, hence ushering in a higher level of professional application of drones where the commercial market is concerned.

The Inspire drone tips the scales at half a dozen pounds, and despite its price tag, it is “only” a mid-range model in DJI’s line of products, as it happens to be a wee bit more advanced compared to its Phantom consumer drone which is capable of hitting speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, or to go up as high as 300 meters, as well as achieve a horizontal distance of 700 meters from the operator.

The Inspire has enough juice for it to fly for up to 18 minutes at a stretch on a full battery, which is a fair amount less than the Phantom’s 25 minutes. However, it can be programmed to return to its takeoff location automatically should it start to run low on battery power or lose connection with the operator. It will come equipped with a 4K, 360-degree aerial camera, and has the ability to stream high-definition video back to a mobile device thanks to the DJI’s app – in real time, yo! [Press Release]

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