Not too long ago, we brought you word that Jolla intends to introduce something new to the masses this coming November 19th. Now that the day has finally arrived, the curtains have been lifted up and we are all well aware of what is in store – a spanking new tablet! Even Nokia wants in on the tablet game with their Nokia N1 which was revealed yesterday. With the Jolla Tablet, it requires your help to revolutionize multitasking.

The Jolla Tablet happens to be a crowdfunding project that will be powered by the Sailfish OS, albeit it will run on a larger sized form factor. Over the past one year, there has been several updates made available, where among them include 350 new features, as well as the elimination of a whopping 13,000 bugs ever since it was launched.

As for the proposed hardware specification, it will come with a 7.9” display at 2,048 x 1,536 resolution, a quad-core Intel processor, 2GB RAM, and 32GB of internal memory. It will not come with a unibody aluminum case, where it would mean that it is more affordable, and will still be able to run Android apps. Apart from that, Jolla’s Marc Dillon claims that it will offer “the world’s best, state of the art multitasking experience.”

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