If you’re like me, or almost every other person on the planet, you have been in a situation when you have left the house and yet have the nagging feeling that perhaps you may have left something behind. It is pretty easy to forget your phone or keys when rushing out of the house and these items seem to be very hard to find at the exact moment when you wish they were right there. To make those searches painless Motorola has released a nifty little accessory today called Keylink.


Keylink is a key fob powered by Bluetooth. It is small and can easily be attached to your keychain. The Motorola Connect app can then be used to connect your keys to your phone. When you can’t seem to find your phone just press a button on Keylink and it will make your phone ring if its up to 100 feet away.

This also works the other way around so if you can’t seem to find your keys, use the Motorola Connect app to make Keylink ring. It works with Android and iOS devices, and the app is available from both the Google Play Store and App Store starting today.

Those who have a 2nd gen Moto X, a Droid Turbo or a phone running Android 5.0 Lollipop can use trusted device settings to enable the ability to keep their phone unlocked when the keys are nearby.

Keylink’s battery can last north of one year and can easily be replaced because its a simple coin cell battery which can be found in any local drug or convenience store. Motorola Keylink is available for purchase today from and T-Mobile for $24.99.

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