psn-suspend-voucherSo, you love nothing better than to rock it out with your Sony PS4 each day, especially when you need to find a way to de-stress without having to chug down shot after shot of alcohol. However, do be reminded that Sony will be taking PSN (PlayStation Network) down for approximately half a dozen hours today for maintenance – which would begin from 5pm GMT/9am PT all the way to 12pm ET/3pm PT.

In other words, you will be unable to enjoy games online, as well as gain access to the PlayStation Store, not to mention some entertainment services as well as your PSN account throughout the maintenance period. If you so happen to be able to log in to PSN prior to the scheduled time, then fret not – you ought to be able to continue playing online without missing a beat. I guess it does not really affect too many people who are working, but those in college dorms might want to find something else to do during the downtime.

Normally, when there is a scheduled PSN downtime, what are some of the alternative activities that you happen to embark on in order to pass time? Perhaps it would be good to take a break from all that video gaming, yes?

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