psnIt looks like the long arm of the law has finally dispensed the relevant kind of justice – Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki, who is one of the members of the notorious Lizard Squad, has been found guilty for being part of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on PlayStation Network (PSN) and Xbox Live gaming services that happened sometime around Christmas last year. Of course, this guilty verdict does not cover just one offence but rather, a whopping 50,700 offences that are related to computer crimes over in Finland.

Kivimaki was apparently a key player to the entire thing, and also happened to be the group’s spokesperson when it came to on-air interviews with Sky News. It was revealed then that the effort required to bring down PSN and Xbox Live involved not hundreds, but rather, thousands of hacked home Internet routers.

Despite the guilty verdict many times over, Kivimaki is not going to be sent into the slammer anytime soon, but rather, he will be serving a two-year suspended prison sentence, with all of his Internet activity to be monitored by the Finnish police. This development has certainly not pleased many people, and Lizard Squad even tweeted, “All the people that said we would rot in prison don’t want to comprehend what we’ve been saying since the beginning, we have free passes.”

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