psnAfter various hacking attempts (some successful) on Sony’s PlayStation Network, you would think that the company would be rushing to step up security and offer all kinds of security and protective features for its users, but for some reason despite two-factor authentication being extremely common, it is only now that Sony will be introducing it to their platform.

According to a reports, Sony will be introducing the long-awaited two-factor authentication process to its PlayStation Network in the near future. It has not been rolled out yet but a Sony rep did confirm that it is on its way, but unfortunately there are no details regarding any specific dates that the feature will be made available.

The Sony rep was quoted as saying, “In order to further safeguard our users and their accounts, we are preparing to offer a 2-step verification feature.” Now for those unfamiliar with two-factor authentication, basically this is where users have to enter an additional code after entering their username and password.

This code is typically generated on the spot by either a dongle or sent to your phone via SMS once you’ve registered your device with the company. Its use is popular especially amongst banks and online banking services. Like we said, it is a common security feature that Sony’s rival in the console space, Microsoft, added the feature to Xbox Live accounts about 3 years ago.

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