Galaxy-A5-vs-Galaxy-A3-vs-Galaxy-S5-Signal-StrengthWhen Apple first introduced the iPhone 4 with its metal band around the frame of the device, it led to numerous complaints of poor reception and users losing reception entirely when they gripped their phones in a certain way. While Apple downplayed the issue, they eventually got around to changing its design which dealt with the problem in the iPhone 4S.

Well it looks like Samsung could be facing a similar issue with their metal-clad Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 handsets. According to the folks at (via PhoneArena) who managed to get their hands on the phone for reviewing, they found the signal strength in both handsets lacking in strength, especially when compared with the Samsung Galaxy S5. It should be noted that the signal strength is not completely gone, it’s just that it is borderline close to the point where you would eventually lose all reception.

This was tested by using the same SIM card in the same location, so arguments about location and carrier coverage might not be valid. Instead we could be looking at a possible hardware issue which hopefully Samsung will be able to address before the handset begins making its way to the masses.

As it stands, both handsets will be first released in Asia in limited batches, which according to a report from yesterday is apparently due to manufacturing issues that Samsung is experiencing with the metal builds. We will need to test this for ourselves to see if the reports corroborate with  one another, but in the meantime we guess this is something that should be taken note of.

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