There is a radical shift happening in the cable TV market. Some of the biggest players have come out in support for allowing people to streaming network television online without requiring a pay-TV subscription. The latest to lean this way is CBS. During the earning’s call today CBS CEO Leslie Moonves said that it is quite possible that standalone access to Showtime programming might go live for streaming starting 2015.

This is not the only announcement CBS made today. The network has also launched CBSN. It is a new online streaming channel which provides round the clock news. CBSN can be streamed through the network’s mobile applications as well as its website. It will feature anchored programming as well that will run from 9am through midnight, Eastern.

Standalone access to Showtime programming would mean that it would no longer be required to pay for access to this network on top of the monthly TV bill. Moonves said that this is “fairly definitively” happening next year even though he did not provide any confirmed dates as to when this will go live.

Cable giant HBO also announced something similar recently. It too is moving towards an online streaming service that wouldn’t require a conventional subscription. HBO’s offering is due to be released next year as well.

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