Xperia-Z3-BendGate-900x508When there were initial reports of the iPhone 6 Plus bending, it suddenly turned into a huge issue because phones shouldn’t bend in our pockets! They should be durable enough to withstand a certain amount of force. Of course Apple has claimed that this is a very, very rare instance as only 9 complaints have been officially filed.

That being said, Apple is not alone as according to a recent report by a Sony Xperia Z3 user, it seems that he has experienced a frame bending issue with his handset, as you can see in the image above. According to the user, he claims that he has not been putting the phone in his back pocket or tight fitting jeans, although he admits that he does use it a lot with an arm band.

However he claims that the arm band couldn’t have been too tight otherwise he wouldn’t have blood flow to his arm then, right? We should point out that this isn’t the first time a Sony Xperia user has complained of such an issue. A report from earlier this year saw Sony Xperia Z1 owners complaining of the same issue where the frames of their phones got warped.

At the same time, there aren’t too many reports of the Sony Xperia Z3 bending either, so we could be either looking at a photoshop job, user error, or just a very rare instance with a culmination of a variety of factors that somehow led to the phone being warped, but what do you guys think?

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  • 1920x1080
  • 424 PPI
20.7 MP
  • f/2 Aperture
3100 mAh
  • Non-Removable
  • No Wireless Charg.
  • Snapdragon 801
  • MicroSD
~$179 - Amazon
152 g
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Storage (GB)
  • 16

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