strokeIt is said that each year will see 800,000 Americans admitted to a hospital because of stroke, and speed is of the essence here since each minute that passes by would result in additional brain function that will be lost. With approximately 1,500 stroke experts throughout the US, this means they cannot be everywhere to help at the same time, which is why robotics would come in handy. Dr. Victor Zach, Director of Stroke and Neurocritical care at John C. Lincoln, need not be physically at the bedside for a stroke exam, but rather, will be there virtually thanks to a robot.

Dr. Zach shared, “This is a cutting edge, In Touch Help, tele-robot that we basically can use to immediately bring a stroke doctor into the room within minutes of a stroke alert activation.”

He further explained, “To have a stroke doctor available in every Emergency Department is just physically impossible. So we are all over and scattered. So if a patient is brought into a center and they don’t have a stroke doctor, it becomes a problem.“

Such a robot will allow an on-call doctor to be bedside in just a matter of moments regardless of where they are physically at the moment, although the doctor will need to be within range of a decent Internet connection, and carrying a Wi-Fi hotspot would make sense.

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