thomassonIf you ever would like to see your name etched into record books, then you might want to check out what Michael Thomasson has to offer. Thomasson is the owner of the world’s largest video games collection, and he has revealed his plans to sell it off – again. Earlier this year in June, Thomasson started to receive bids for his carefully and lovingly amassed collection in a auction, where it hit a maximum amount of $750,250.00 before closing. However, it seems that Thomasson is still in possession of this prized collection, and no additional transactions have taken place since then.

Apparently, the bidder who ended with the closing bid of $750,250 delayed the transaction, which resulted in Thomasson changing his mind. Thomasson is right now mulling over the possibility of organizing another round of auctions for the entire collection, or perhaps would even opt to sell it directly to anyone who might be interested in picking this up – and doing so at a discount, to to speak, since he has a pressing need for money. The entire collection comprises of more than 11,000 retro games, where it is a Guinness World Record. Do you think any museums out there might want to take up on Thomasson’s offer?

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