kojimaWhen you are a great talent regardless of the industry that you are in, you can be sure that people will seek you out – and hope to hire you, or at least to get you to their side. Well, things between legendary video game industry icon Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami have not been too cordial as of late, and this has led to a particular game studio actually offering the world famous game designer a position. Which game studio would be so audacious as to do so?

Why, Deck 13 of course, where they happen to be the developer of Lords of the Fallen. As you can see in the screen grab of the tweet above, Deck 13 decided to take advantage of the micro blogging site Twitter to cheekily send a “feeler” statement, and who knows? Hideo Kojima himself might bite, as you can never quite tell just how a person would think or react.

After all, there has been rumors going around that Hideo Kojima would be bidding adieu to Konami some time later this year, although it has been mentioned that Kojima will see through the entire development process of churning out The Phantom Pain. Only time will be able to tell whether Deck 13’s rather brazen request will be entertained. What do you think Kojima will do next?

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