lg logoWhen it comes to Windows Phone handsets, brands like Nokia (now Microsoft) probably come to mind with their range of Lumia devices. There are other brands in the market although safe to say that none have been that enthusiastic as Nokia had been. However if the recent rumors are to be believed, LG could be looking to re-enter the Windows Phone market.

This is according to the folks at AdDuplex who have detected a possible new LG Windows Phone handset that goes by the model number LGVW820. However according to their findings, the handset isn’t a particularly powerful one as it seems to sport a 4.7-inch display with a 480×854 resolution which is admittedly a bit low if it were to be a high-end smartphone.

The device has also been spotted in Korea at the moment so it is unclear if and when LG would be making it available internationally. That being said we have heard rumors earlier this year that LG would be re-entering the Windows Phone market with the LG D635, although to date we have yet to hear anything about it.

There have also been talks about possible Windows Phone 8.1 handsets and Windows Threshold devices, but once again we have yet to see anything materialize. In any case CES and MWC 2015 are around the corner so hopefully we will learn more then, so do check back with us in the next couple of months for the details.

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