bt42When it comes to Bluetooth technology, it is interesting to know that the technology has progressed quite a fair bit ever since it was first introduced all of those years ago. Having said that, Bluetooth 4.2 is said to pack quite a punch, where this upcoming latest version happens to be part of Bluetooth SIG’s most recent move that will involve tighter security. In fact, Bluetooth 4.2 is said to be more difficult for eavesdroppers to listen in on a connection without obtaining prior permission.


Take for instance, a scenario that involves shopping, with Bluetooth beacons been installed. Version 4.2 would ensure that those beacons are unable to track your movements unless you have given those beacons prior permission to hook up to your device.

Apart from that, Bluetooth SIG also claimed that data transfers have been improved through the boosting of the packet capacity of data. In other words, users would be able to enjoy more reliable and faster data. How much faster, you ask? We are looking at as much as 2.5 times compared to the previous Bluetooth versions. As a result, these are supposed to deliver fewer data transmission errors in addition to a reduction in battery consumption. Are you stoked with what Bluetooth 4.2 will be able to offer?

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