brewieNow here is a machine that I am sure many people would love to have – Brewie, being a machine that is capable of letting you create craft beer in the comfort of your own home, where all you need to have it go along would be a smartphone or a computer. Basically, the Brewie happens to be a relatively simple machine which is equipped with a bunch of features. The Brewie will pack pre-made kits that enable novice brewers to actually make craft beer that they can call their very own in a jiffy.

If you would like to spruce things up a wee bit more, you can always alter the settings, including water levels and boiling temperature. Brewie is smart enough to save the settings automatically so that you can keep on using them later on. Does it surprise you then, that the Brewie will come with 200 pre-made recipes to help you get started on the right footing?

Equipped with a 4.3” touchscreen that will be the avenue for you to alter settings as well as recipes, the machine will automatically clean itself after every round of brewing. Apart from that, it has an app that will play nice with Windows Phone, Android and iOS platforms. The asking price for Brewie? $1,599 a pop.

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