fit-updateGoogle Fit, when it was first announced close to the end of June this year, intends to be your main source of health data. Hence, the Google Fit app should be on the receiving end of many tweaks and changes over time, and we are pleased to bring you word that there is the latest update of Google Fit that is now available on the Google Play Store. This latest update would bring with it more than 100 new activities which you are able to select from for your workouts.

In the original, the number of workouts that one can pick from were limited to the likes of running, walking, and biking; but, the new version will see a slew of new additions – even some sports that one would not have heard of before, including Australian football, while the rest of the list has been expanded to include badminton, basketball, calisthenics, curling, dancing, elliptical, fencing, gardening, hiking, ice skating, jumping rope, kickboxing, MMA, P90X, Pilates, polo, rowing, sand running, soccer, spinning, surfing, volleyball, yoga, and Zumba. Talk about being all inclusive – but where is capoeira? If you are interested in picking up the latest Google Fit app for your device, why not get it here?

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