A couple of months back Google introduced a new application for email called Inbox. The only way one can use this application right now is if they receive an invite. Naturally this is given birth to an invite frenzy which Google itself has fed multiple times. The Inbox team took to reddit yesterday for a Q&A session during which it was revealed that they are working on an undo send feature which would soon be added to the app.

Undo send would do what the name suggests, allow users to retract an email that they’ve sent. It will certainly be a very practical feature as it often happens that we send an email to a wrong contact or mention something, or forget to mention something, before shooting off an important email.

A similar feature has already been available at the Google Mail Labs. It offers a 10-second window in which users can undo a sent message in Gmail, though the team hasn’t confirmed if that’s the way this feature is going to work in Inbox.

Other features that the team is working on include cross-browser support, integration with Google Drive as well as a tablet application. All of these features are expected to land in the coming weeks. The team did reveal that there is a “long list” of Gmail features which will be added to Inbox eventually, we’ll just have to wait for it.

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