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Inbox By Gmail Can Now Keep Track Of Events And More
Gmail is Google’s main app for managing email but for those who want a slightly different experience there’s Inbox by Gmail. It has its own set of unique features and Google is gradually adding more to it. Today an update has been released for Inbox by Gmail which gives it the ability to keep track of events, links, and newsletters.

Smart Reply Now Available On Inbox By Gmail On The Web
Inbox by Gmail is a new email management app by Google that’s not being billed as a replacement for Gmail just yet, however, it’s a platform where Google gets to try out some new features for email management, and Inbox is already being used by millions of people across the globe. Late last year Inbox by Gmail received a very interesting feature called Smart Reply. It has been limited to […]

Inbox By Gmail Gets Improved Search Features
Search is in Google’s DNA, that’s really what made Google the behemoth that it is today, which is why it’s not surprising to see the company put an emphasis on search-related features in its other services. It has rolled out an update for Inbox by Gmail today that brings improved search features to this email management app, the aim is to make it easier for Inbox users to find important […]

Smart Reply Lets Google Inbox Create Responses For Emails
The Gmail app is used by millions of people across the globe to manage their email accounts but Google also has another app for that purpose called Inbox, it’s not billed as the company’s main email app just yet, which is why it can easily experiment with new features inside Inbox. Those who want a no-fuss experience can stick with Gmail. Inbox by Gmail has received several new features over […]


Inbox By Gmail Google Apps Support Gradually Going Live
Google’s new email application, Inbox, has got quite a lot of people interested in it. The company controlled access to the app through an invite system which helped build up hype. Google didn’t allow users to use a Google Apps account with Inbox, they could only use it with a Gmail address, but the company did say that Inbox by Gmail Google Apps support would arrive soon. It appears that support has started […]

Google Pulls Sparrow For iOS And Mac
It seems like Google has quietly pulled the popular Sparrow email app for iOS and Mac. The app was developed by a French startup and it quickly became popular with users on both iOS and Mac. The startup was acquired by Google in 2012 and it kept the staff, the technology and the apps. Since then Sparrow has continued to live on, receiving minor updates multiple times, but now the app […]

Google Inbox To Receive Undo Send Feature Soon
A couple of months back Google introduced a new application for email called Inbox. The only way one can use this application right now is if they receive an invite. Naturally this is given birth to an invite frenzy which Google itself has fed multiple times. The Inbox team took to reddit yesterday for a Q&A session during which it was revealed that they are working on an undo send feature […]

Google Feeding Inbox Invite Frenzy Once Again
A few weeks back Google introduced a new application called Inbox which aims to revolutionize how we deal with email on our mobile devices. Google has a habit of making new products and services “invite-only,” we all remember the Google+ days, so there has been a lot of demand for Inbox invites. Those who still haven’t been able to secure one can get their invites straight from Google, which is going […]

Google Inbox Invites Now Appear On eBay
Do you remember how it felt like to be on Gmail all those years ago, having received a precious invite from a friend? Well, it seems that Google’s latest service, known as Google Inbox, has generated a far higher level of interest from the masses, not to mention the number of invites happen to be a whole lot more scarce than what Gmail offered all those years ago. The number […]