htc-one-review-m8-labshot-13We expect that the HTC Hima will be priced like any other flagship phone which means that it will be a tad expensive, especially if you’re not buying it on contract. Now the good news is that if you wanted to get it on contract, new rumors have surfaced which seems to suggest that Verizon will be one of the carriers to offer the handset upon its release.

This is based on a recent AnTuTu benchmark sighting of the phone which has the model number HTC6535LVW in which the “VW” at the end of the model hints at its possible release on Verizon’s network. Of course all of this remains unconfirmed for now, but unless model numbers and codes change, there is a good chance this could be true.

No word on when HTC will be making the announcement, but it is said to be soon. Previously it was rumored that HTC would be skipping events like CES and MWC 2015 to make the HTC Hima’s announcement on their own, but the latest rumors are saying that the phone could be announced earlier than we think, and with CES 2015 kicking off next week, perhaps we will find out more then. In the meantime be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

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