lg-did-fridgeI know that refrigerators are not the most exciting home appliances to talk about, but here is an interesting idea from LG that has been made flesh, so to speak. We have heard about Picture-in-Picture before, but how about Door-in-Door? Yes, LG has just revealed the very first double Door-in-Door Mega-Capacity refrigerator that carries the model number LPXS34886C, where this bad boy is all set to be released next year.

Such an award-winning “door-in-door” concept was pioneered by LG, and you can be sure that this is going to be quite an interesting draw for the consumer electronics loving crowd over at CES as this unique refrigerator will be unveiled there next week – if only it were to roll out before Christmas, at the very least you would have been able to impress the rest of your friends and family who drop by your pad.

Expect this new model to be ENERGY STAR certified, where it boasts of a couple of independent Door-in-Door compartments to provide you with the ultimate in convenience, superior organization and easy access, all the while maximizing conservation of cold air. A simple button press will let you access the right Door-in-Door from the outside, while the left Door-in-Door can be accessed through a trigger on the bottom of the door. There is no word on pricing as at press time, but do expect to pay more compared to a regular refrigerator. [Press Release]

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