Samsung RF4289

Just like all technology when it is first released, it gets tagged with a ridiculous price until the competition arrives with lower prices, and it usually starts to drop from there. But sometimes, technology is pretty ridiculous, and you wonder why people come up with it in the first place. Case in point – the RF4289 fridge from Samsung.

First unveiled at CES 2011 this year, the RF4289 is a regular fridge with a built-in LCD touchscreen for you to run apps to pass the time while waiting for a dish to cook, or to look up recipes for meals you would like to cook. You can even use it as a notice board to remind yourself or your kids about stuff to do for the week, and even mark your goals on it. The LCD touchscreen is essentially a tablet that’s been embedded into the door of the refrigerator.

While it’s by no means a bad idea, the suggested retail price of $3,499 isn’t exactly what many people would be willing to pay for a fridge with an embedded tablet. Folks with tablets can easily get a fridge mount for their tablets and use them in the kitchen when needed. When they’re done, in the kitchen, they can just remove the tablet from the fridge and use it elsewhere in the house. Expect to see the RF4289 go on sale later this month.

[image credit: pinoytutorial]

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