lucky-chloeLucky Chloe, who so happens to be the newest character in the upcoming Tekken 7 title that was revealed over this weekend, did not receive too good a treatment judging by the reaction of Western gamers. Hence, this has led the game’s lead designer to respond in kind, dropping a hint that she as well as other characters who have not been on the receiving end of praise might not be included in the North American version of Tekken 7. Bummer, as this would mean that Lucky Chloe is not so lucky after all.

Just who is Lucky Chloe, anyway? She happens to be your typical Japanese teenager complete with a pair of headphones, cat ears, cat paws, wearing knee-high socks and a miniskirt. It looks as though she was plucked from a traditional Japan pop-idol stereotype, and has been on the receiving end of some rather harsh as well as profane criticism which frankly, remain unfounded.

Katsuhiro Harada, retorted, “Hello small world. I’ll make muscular & skinhead character for you.” Seriously, don’t you think that we in the 21st century, going through globalization at such a fast rate at the moment would still have such narrow thoughts on a video game character?

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