farming simulator controllerThere are all sorts of games available to gamers to play at the moment. You have traditional games like FPS, RTS, RPG games, to mobile games that are designed to be fast paced, then you have the weird games like a Goat Simulator. Well if you’re a fan of simulator games, chances are you might have heard of Farming Simulator which basically lets you simulate the experience of running a farm.

Now we’re sure some of you guys are questioning just how popular such games are, and to be honest we are just as curious ourselves, but apparently it is popular enough that peripheral maker Mad Catz has announced a partnership with Farming Simulator’s developers Giant Software in which the former will be producing a controller to play the game with.

The controller is expected to be released this holiday season, although pricing remains unknown at this point in time, but basically as you can see in the diagram above, it will be a steering wheel complete with pedals and buttons that one might find on farming machinery.

The description states that players will be able to drive their vehicle “with a properly tilted, center sprung steering wheel with 900 degrees of turning and a wheel turning knob—just like the real thing! On the wheel, a Mini-stick controls your movement when not in your vehicle and real buttons allow you to use your in-game PDA. Gas and brake pedals come standard with the wheel, too.”

We have to admit that this is a little weird but for those who do play and enjoy the game and want a more immersive experience, this will be a controller to look forward to.

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