Mad-Catz-RAT-Pro-X-updatedGamers looking for a gaming mouse might have heard of the company Mad Catz and its RAT gaming mouse lineup. If you’re after a new mouse and you can’t find something you want in the current lineup, you’ll be pleased to learn that Mad Catz has announced that they will be updating its RAT lineup.

This update will see changes made to the RAT 1, RAT 4, RAT 6, RAT 8, RAT Pro S+ and RAT Pro X+ gaming mice. Basically the idea that Mad Catz is shooting for is to make these mice compatible with gamers with different grips. They will all be updated to come with at least one adjustable part, meaning that you should be able to configure them to your preference whether you are a claw-grip kind of gamer, or if you’re more of a palm-grip player.

All the mice will also be updated with lighting options, although the lower-end mice will only get single color options, while Mad Catz’s higher-end mice will come with Kameleon RGB color variations. They will also be made from different materials, ranging from plastic for its lower-end offerings, and magnesium for its RAT Pro X+.

No word on pricing or availability, but Mad Catz did state that they were planning on having it ready in time for the holiday season of 2016.

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