MCB43718_RAT_PROX_AVG_001_lgEarlier this year, Mad Catz took the wraps off a new gaming mouse in the form of the R.A.T. Pro X. For those who loved what they saw and were wondering where and when they could get their hands on the device, you might be interested to learn that the company has recently announced that they will be taking pre-orders for the mouse starting today.

According to its product page, the mouse is expected to begin shipping in October which is admittedly a rather long wait, especially if you consider that the mouse was originally announced in January 2015 during CES. We’re not sure what took the folks at Mad Catz this long to get it to the market, but better late than never, we suppose.

For those who are hearing about the R.A.T. Pro X for the first time, it shares a somewhat similar design to the Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 & 9 gaming mice. However the difference is that the R.A.T. Pro X is even more modular and is designed to be upgraded over time. Gamers can choose to swap in and out different sensors to suit their needs.

Even the scroll wheel can be adjusted for click force or even swapped out if that’s what they need. In a way it reminds us of the Microsoft Xbox One Elite controller and just like that controller, the R.A.T. Pro X does not come cheap as it is priced at a whopping $200. However if you can justify that price tag then head on over to Mad Catz’s website and place your pre-order.

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