microsoft logoBitcoin is a virtual currency which is a bit contentious. Some people are completely for it, while others are against it, namely the government who feels that Bitcoin could be a bit hard to manage and regulate due to its nature. That being said if you have invested in some Bitcoin of your own, you might be interested to learn that Microsoft is now accepting it as a payment option.

In some ways this isn’t a surprise as it wasn’t too long ago that Microsoft showed their interest in the virtual currency as Microsoft had added a Bitcoin converter to its Bing search engine. That being said, Bitcoin can be used to purchase content from Windows and Xbox stores where users can purchase products such as games, music, and videos.

However if you were wondering if you could use Bitcoin to maintain a subscription to services like Office 365, you’d be out of luck. Interestingly enough Microsoft’s acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method puts them in front of the line, beating out companies such as Apple and Google who have yet to fully embrace it themselves.

As it stands the Bitcoin payment option will only be limited to Microsoft accounts based in the US, so if you’re living overseas, tough luck for now. It is unclear if support for other countries will be added in the future.

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