us-internetEvery single town, county or city has its fair share of attractions – which is why there are people living there in the first place. However, some places have far more attractions that in other parts of the world, and for those who happen to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In fact, being two steps – or rather, two years ahead of Google Fiber, US Internet intends to roll out a 10GBPS internet service.

The asking price for such speeds? We are looking at $399 a month, which clearly means that this is not meant for the budget-minded. However, home business owners as well as small business owners who happen to need to leverage on speedy and more importantly, dependable internet access to SAAS products, then that might be very well worth every penny, thanks to the assurance that you can give your customers in the long run.

Are there competitors in this market segment as well? Surely, and Verizon happens to be one of them, having gone through the testing phase of a 10G GBPS broadband service, too, but no official rollout date has been set yet. As for the US Internet service, it has already undergone testing, and is ready to rock and roll. For those who want something reliable but is a few steps down from 10GBPS, there will be a 1GBPS package for small business and residential customers.

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