virgin-media-priceIt looks like it can be rather difficult trying to wean ourselves off from the Internet, as we look for faster and faster connections all the time – preferably at reduced rates, too. Virgin Media knows this, where we did report on how they intend to increase charges as well as work on a 600Mbps network, but this time around it looks like the former will feature new top-tier package that does look pretty sweet. Existing Virgin customers will max out at 152Mbps at the moment, but the new range-topping plan is said to increase the amount by close to a third – touching the 200Mbps mark.

Being different from other speed boosts, Virgin Media claims that it will contact customers in order to explain how they may opt-in to an upgrade from 1 October 2015 onward. This particular upgrade also happens to be the third speed increase which Virgin Media has made available to its customers over the course of the past half a decade, which can be said to be rather impressive when you think about it.

With Virgin Media’s current packages, customers will be able to pick from speeds of up to 50Mbps, 100Mbps or 152Mbps, where the new entry-level package will hit the 70Mbps mark, having a couple of ‘ultrafast’ tiers residing on top of that. All of these tiers will fall under a new ‘Vivid’ brand from Virgin Media, which will see a minimum connection of 100Mbps. [Press Release]

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