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T-Mobile Home Internet Is Finally Here. Legacy Providers Should Be Worried
We have been hearing about T-Mobile’s Home Internet for years now, but it is finally coming in a meaningful way to the market, thanks to 5G.The premise is excellent: customers can get fast broadband access without complex installations (drill holes in the wall), an affordable price, and outstanding reliability (when was the last time your 4G/5G was down?). Many legacy providers cannot say the same thing, especially those that are […]

Microsoft Wants To Beam Internet Over Unused TV Frequencies
Microsoft is going to announce its plans to beam broadband internet over unused channels of television spectrum today. This white space internet service is going to utilize the unused spectrum between those channels of TV spectrum to broadcast internet service. Some of you may not recall that there was a time when TV signals floated through the air to deliver content across the length and breadth of the United States.

High-Speed Internet Declared As An 'Essential Service' By Canada
Those of us who are privileged enough to have access to high-speed broadband internet probably can’t imagine our lives without it anymore. It would surely be hard to have to go back to substandard internet. Canada has recognized that high-speed broadband internet access plays a vital role in this day and age which is why the country’s regulator has decided to declare it as an “essential service” for quality of […]

Cuba Finally Gets Home Broadband
Decades of sanctions have left a lasting impact on the state of affairs in Cuba and that’s really a major reason why it’s among the least connected nations on the planet. The world has rapidly adopted faster internet technologies while Cubans have been stuck in the past, however, there’s a ray of hope for them now. The country’s state-owned telecommunications company has announced that it’s finally going to launch the […]


Starry Set To Deliver Broadband To Your Home, Wirelessly
Now here is an idea – Starry Internet, the brainchild of Chet Kanojia, intends to take over every single aspect of your broadband service through the implementation of millimeter wave technology. In other words, your broadband service that is capable of hitting speeds of up to 1GB, will be able to be achieved as it is delivered sans wires to your home, now how about that for convenience – and […]

Virgin Media Has New 200Mbps Package
It looks like it can be rather difficult trying to wean ourselves off from the Internet, as we look for faster and faster connections all the time – preferably at reduced rates, too. Virgin Media knows this, where we did report on how they intend to increase charges as well as work on a 600Mbps network, but this time around it looks like the former will feature new top-tier package […]

Microsoft To Introduce Broadband To Indian Villages
I suppose you can say that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs will have to go through some sort of revamp in order to keep up with the times, and many young people would most probably say that the Internet is now an indispensable part of their life. Well, I suppose if one thinks in such a direction, tech companies would be pleased as punch to pander to such wishes. Microsoft wants […]

Virgin Media Broadband Charges Set To Increase - Again
It looks like times are getting harder and harder, even for the technologically inclined. Apparently, Virgin Media has stepped forward to make an announcement of their plans to invest a whopping £3 billion in its fibre optic broadband network. This particular investment is set to run its course in the coming few years, where the main aim is to extend its reach to another quartet of million homes by the […]

New York Governor Announces $1 Billion Broadband Initiative
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has detailed a new program which is going to reinvigorate broadband in the state. He has mentioned this initiative previously but now the governor has come out with more details. The idea is to improve speed and access throughout the state and for that purpose the program offers $500 million in public funds that ISPs can access, but in order to do that they must […]

Minnesota Folks To Enjoy World’s Fastest Broadband Speed
Every single town, county or city has its fair share of attractions – which is why there are people living there in the first place. However, some places have far more attractions that in other parts of the world, and for those who happen to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In fact, being two steps – or rather, two years ahead of Google Fiber, US Internet intends to roll out a […]

Virgin Media Offers 152Mbps Broadband Service In The UK
Faster is always better as a general rule of thumb, especially when you take into consideration one’s Internet connection. The folks over at Virgin Media certainly think along that line, where they have unveiled broadband speeds 19 times faster compared to regular broadband. The new top speed stands at 152Mbps, making it the fastest widely available connection in the UK, where it has been introduced to go hand-in-hand with new […]

Broadband Connectivity Arrives In Space
When we talk about space travel, chances are we would think of it being one of the most high tech situations where one can be in. Unfortunately, that is not the case across the board. For instance, actual communications between the Earth and moon still happen to be static-filled, just like as they were back in the 1960s. NASA might have something to turn things around though, after they have […]

China Expanding 4M Broadband Coverage To 70% Internet Users
China has been reporting some serious growth in its ability to provide broadband service to its people as not only did they add 51 million new Internet users in 2012, but they’ve also announced a new policy that would demand all new residences be equipped with fiber network connections starting April 1.In addition to expanding their residential broadband coverage, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology plans to expand their fiber-to-the-home […]

Comcast Internet Essentials cost $9.95 a month
The Internet should be available to everyone – according to Comcast’s belief, which is why they rolled out a cable Internet service that costs just $9.95 a month to subscribe to, targeting low-income families in order to give them an opportunity to take advantage of Internet connectivity in their homes. While this plan was originally rolled out in select areas of the US earlier this year, the same plan will […]

Netflix is doing its job to reduce piracy in North America
We’ve previously covered about how bit-torrent downloading rates in the US have been going down, while the number of Netflix subscribers has been slowly rising. Well, it looks like we have more details to corroborate with the theory that Netflix is doing a good job of cutting down piracy.According to a report released by Sandvine, a company that sells network management and measurement software to large ISPs, Netflix takes up […]

Kansas to receive ultra high-speed broadband from Google
“There’s no place like home.” Especially if you’re living in Kansas City, those words will ring truer than for anybody else when Google implements its ultra high-speed broadband next year. Google has officially announced that they will be working with local organizations, businesses and universities to bring a next-generation web experience to the community. The new ultra high-speed broadband, dubbed Google Fiber, is said to be 100 times faster than […]

N600 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router
[CES 2011] The Netgear N600 is the “ultimate” router in Netgear’s offering and offers neat features like Clea Channel Selector: a technology that continuously seeks the clearest WiFi channel: this could be handy in a crowded condominium. Most competitors do a one-time search at install-time, but the Netgear N600 will continue to seek at regular interval, just in case things change on the network.It is also possible to attach a […]

Boeing 737 gets eXConnect broadband service
The next time you step aboard the Boeing 737, don’t be surprised if you are able to experience wireless high-speed broadband service many thousand feet from the ground. According to Boeing, both passengers and crew members are able to take advantage of eXConnect for access to real-time content on a notebook, handheld, as well as other Wi-Fi-enabled device. Airlines can take advantage of this service for enhanced communications in order […]

Verizon Planning To Offer 5GB Prepaid Mobile Broadband Data Plan For $80
Reports are going around that Verizon Wireless is planning to unveil a prepaid $80/month 5GB mobile broadband data plan in the next few months. Such a move would benefit folks who are looking to get hold of a data plan but are wary of committing to long-term deals. If such a plan is announced, it will complement the carrier’s current plans which offer 75MB/month for $15, 250MB/month for $30 and […]

T-Mobile 4G Network Roll Out
T-Mobile has just announced that it is upgrading its network to offer higher speeds, thanks to an HSPA+ network roll out. Seen by T-Mobile as a 4G (4th Generation) network, HSPA+ has been demonstrated at the recent Mobile World Congress and can reach theoretical speeds of 56Mbps (down) and 22Mbps (up). In reality, it will be more like 2-6Mbps (down) which is very good, but the question is: what is […]