starryNow here is an idea – Starry Internet, the brainchild of Chet Kanojia, intends to take over every single aspect of your broadband service through the implementation of millimeter wave technology. In other words, your broadband service that is capable of hitting speeds of up to 1GB, will be able to be achieved as it is delivered sans wires to your home, now how about that for convenience – and benefit without the need for any kind of cables at all?

Kanojia himself shared, “It costs the cable guys around $2,500 per home to deal with the construction costs of laying down cable. And beyond cost, there are regulatory hurdles that slow down the process. We can deliver faster broadband with no regulatory wait time and it will cost us only $25 per home.”

This is certainly a revolutionary idea, don’t you think so? Now, the more pressing question that should be on many people’s minds would be this – how much will it cost? So far, Kanojia has declined to reveal the pricing details, but he claims that the service will be able to offer different tiers that are based on speed (up to 1GB up and down), and that it will be a whole lot more affordable compared to existing broadband providers such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Starry will also not come with any kind of data caps for its service, so that is also good news for the masses, right?

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