problemsolverAre there moments in your life when you are looking for that “Eureka!” event to strike? You know, when you have been pounding your head for a solution to a particular issue, whether it is at work or a domestic issue, but have always ended up hitting the brick wall instead. Well, some of us might turn to some sort of food or drink to help “unclog” whatever seems to be stuck in our train of thought, but what about downing some alcohol to help chug the grey matter up there?

University of Illinois Professor Jennifer Wiley figured out that the average person’s “creative peak” happens when one’s blood alcohol level reaches 0.075, which will lower one’s ability to overthink when performing a task. Marketing agency CP+B Copenhagen and Danish brewery Rocket Brewing intends to help drinkers arrive at their imaginative prime, which is why they have come up with the Problem Solver beer.

“The Problem Solver” happens to be a 7.1% craft IPA which offers a refined bitterness, albeit refreshing you in its very own way. There is also a scale included with the bottle that determines just how much of the beer you ought to drink in relation to your body weight before arriving in “the zone”. Of course, who would want to leave a bottle of beer unfinished?

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