Problem Solver A Cool Marketing Gimmick

Are there moments in your life when you are looking for that “Eureka!” event to strike? You know, when you have been pounding your head for a solution to a particular issue, whether it is at work or a domestic issue, but have always ended up hitting the brick wall instead. Well, some of us might turn to some sort of food or drink to help “unclog” whatever seems to […]

Heineken Ignite Will Make Your Beer Interactive With LEDs

We’ve seen alcohol and LEDs come together in the past as LED ice cubes were introduced as a way to curb over-drinking, and it looks as though Heineken will soon be bringing its brand of beers to the modern age with their Heineken Ignite concept. The concept was introduced at Milan Design Week and equips Heineken beer bottles with LEDs and motion sensors to create what they’re calling the first […]

Beer Pong Arcade Machine Tests Your Kid’s Beer Pong Skills

It’s undeniable the “sport” of beer pong has become extremely popular over the years for college-aged young people as well as the occasional adult get-together where beer, red plastic cups and beer are readily available. But as of now, there are no places outside a dorm room where you can show off your beer pong talents, that is, until this Beer Pong Arcade Machine starts rolling out to the fifteen […]

Beercade: Get Free Beer For Winning An Arcade Game

Imagine the ultimate fun time for most guys: playing video games and drinking Beer… Imagine no more, as McKinney Ten Percent has just introduced Beercade, an arcade game where players tug it out for a free beer sample.  The game itself is very simple with players choosing one of the five characters:  Hell’s Belle, Bad Penny, Angry Angel, Blanco Diablo and High Roller. The setting seems to be a Biker […]


Hahn spill-proof beer

Beer, the nectar of the gods, has for thousands of years helping ugly people look good, and there is always an excuse to drink, whether it is to drown your sorrows or to celebrate your favorite sports team’s victory. Well, since some of us take our drinking more seriously than the others, a single drop spilt is definitely something that might trigger that change to the Incredible Hulk. Hahn has […]

CanBot proves that Transformers can exist in our world

Whoever said we’d never live to see Transformers invade our planet probably has never seen what the Japanese folks can come up with in real life. An amateur robot enthusiast Ron Tajima recently took apart a can of beer, added some motors, an embedded system and some batteries to come up with his very own beer can Decepticon called CanBot. At first glance it might look like a strange looking […]

Walk off those beers and chocolate bars with special pedometers

Are you constantly feeling guilty about drinking beer or eating chocolate? Well these two gadgets should help you get over that feeling at the bottom of your gut. Called the Beerometer and Chocometer, these two pedometers will ensure you deserve your beer and chocolate intake. All you have to do is clip on the pedometers to yourself, and it will measure the amount of steps you take, then when you […]

Bottoms up with beer-filling machine

Check out this unique machine that is capable of filling up plastic beer cups (whoever drinks beer from a plastic cup anyways? Isn’t a true blue mug a whole lot tastier?) by itself – and it does so from underneath. Of course, you might start to wonder whether this is rocket science, a sprinkling of fairy dust, or have you had too much to drink? Nice to know the correct […]

ChemKeg Dominator Dewar Flask Stein Keeps Your Beer Icy Cold

Don’t you just hate warm beer? If you want to keep your beer chilled all the time, the ChemKeg Dominator will certainly be able to offer that, thanks to the magic of science. This uses a high quality Pope Scientific bench top dewar flask, a vacuum thermos commonly used to hold liquid nitrogen, and thus can keep 4.3 liters of beer icy cold until you finish the last drop. It […]

Beer Pager ensures your drink does not go missing

Isn’t it ironic that after knocking back a few beers, some of us lose our bearings and have absolutely no idea where our drink has gone to? The Beer Pager makes sure that nothing of that sort happens, as all you need to do is pretty the button on the controller in your hand and wait for the belching sound, as long as your poison of choice remains within a […]