Samsung seems to have taken a liking to curved displays. After making smartphones, smartwatches and TVs with curved displays it is now turning its attention towards All-in-One computers. The company is going to show off a new Windows 8.1 AiO at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 and its pièce de résistance will be a display that’s curved.

All-in-One PCs are appreciated for the fact that they house all components in a neat package. There’s no need for a separate tower for all the different bits and pieces, but there’s one downside, it’s not as easily to open the AiO up and start tinkering around with the internals so these might not interest folks who are into regularly modding their machines.

Samsung’s Series 7 All-in-One computer is going to have an Intel Core i5 processor inside with up to 8GB of RAM. Storage will be handled by a 128GB solid state drive and a 1TB hard disk drive. It will have a 27-inch curved display with a 1,920×1,080 pixel resolution. The company hasn’t revealed how much this computer will cost and when it will hit the market, hopefully that information will be made public at CES 2015 in the coming week.

We’ll be sure to stop by the Samsung booth at CES 2015 to take a look at this, and let you know what we think about Samsung’s AiO with a curved display.

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