the interviewWith Sony officially cancelled the theatrical release of The Interview movie due to threats from hackers, what’s to become of the movie? Will it never see the light of day? Well considering that a substantial amount of money went into it, we’re sure that Sony is looking for ways to release the movie.

Well as it turns out that Sony is currently looking into different methods of distribution. According to Sony spokeswoman Lauren Condoluci, “Sony is still exploring options for distribution.” This seems to contradict an earlier report by The New York Post which suggested that Sony could be releasing the movie for free via Crackle, which for those unfamiliar is Sony’s own free video streaming service.

However with the statement offered by Sony’s spokeswoman, it looks like nothing has been confirmed yet. This isn’t to say that Sony won’t release it on Crackle, but for now it’s pretty much up in the air as to what Sony plans to do with the movie. Sony also appears to be flying defiant in the face of the hackers.

The hackers had threatened to release additional information unless Sony were to remove all traces that the movie ever existed. A recent FBI report has also confirmed that North Korea is involved in the hack, something which the country has denied.

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