the interviewEveryone has probably heard by now that the hackers behind the Sony Pictures hack have successfully managed to force Sony to cancel its theatrical release of The Interview, a movie that showed the fictional assassination of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. With the movie having been pulled from cinemas, that should be the end of that, right?

Well as it turns out the hackers aren’t satisfied and according to a report from CNN, the hackers want Sony to delete any data related to The Interview in an effort to make it seem like the movie never even existed at all, although we reckon that this would be a fool’s errand because if anything, the recent spate of hacks have turned the movie into a “must watch” for those wondering what all the fuss is about.

According to an email sent to Sony Pictures by the hackers, “Now we want you never let the movie released, distributed or leaked in any form of, for instance, DVD or piracy. And we want everything related to the movie, including its trailers, as well as its full version down from any website hosting them immediately.” It remains to be seen if Sony will give into their demands again.

Previously it was said that Sony was considering other methods of releasing the movie, such as via a premium video-on-demand service. Recently President Obama also offered his opinion that Sony made a mistake when giving into the demands of the hackers the first time around, and that they should have held their ground.

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