sony eyewearIn terms of wearables, it certainly looks like Sony is quite interested in headwear and eyewear. Earlier this year the company unveiled Project Morpheus, a competitor to the Oculus Rift, and now it looks like Sony might have something that could give Google Glass a run for its money.


The company has recently announced  a compact, lightweight single-lens display module with OLED technology that can basically clip onto existing glasses, ultimately turning regular glasses into a pair of smart glasses. In some ways this trumps devices like Google Glass as it allows the wearer to retain their current frame, but at the same time providing them with features similar to Google Glass.

However the downside here is that based on the images, it looks like a much more bulky affair than Google Glass. This is because in addition to the microdisplay, wearers will also have to attach two additional modules which rests atop the wearer’s temples. This will connect to the display and help to power it and give it Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, along with a host of sensors.

Sony is expected to mass produce the module next year and will be showing off the device at its booth at CES 2015. We’re hoping that this isn’t the final design because like we said, it looks a tad bulky and potentially heavy, but we like its concept and hopefully Sony will be able to shrink it down a bit. In the meantime what do you guys make of it?

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