We’ve covered the Sony Pictures hack from day one, how computer systems at the studio were taken over and sensitive data was stolen and leaked online, resulting in SPE pulling the release of its controversial movie “The Interview.” When all was said and done Sony decided to release the movie online yesterday through multiple channels, limited to folks in the U.S.,” but that hasn’t stopped the vibrant and massive torrent user community from seeing Sony’s latest work.

Torrents are the number one way content gets illegally shared around the world. Sure it’s frowned upon but that doesn’t stop millions of people from around the world.

All of the online distribution channels that Sony released The Interview on yesterday were limited only to U.S. residents but just an hour after its release the film appeared on torrent websites from where it was downloaded more than 200,000 times within a few hours.

The fact that this movie was the cause of the massive hack at Sony Pictures Entertainment certainly contributed to the hype, as the entire episode made international headlines, with the finger being officially pointed towards North Korea for orchestrating the cyberattack at a company on U.S. soil.

The number of people who are downloading The Interview through torrents is growing rapidly, so in the end this movie got out across the world anyway, notwithstanding the fact that Sony isn’t making a dime on all those pirated downloads.

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